The peninsula of Xrobb L-Għaġin has witnessed the presence of human civilisation since 5,000 BC. A temple belonging to the “Tarxien Phase” was built by the first inhabitants of the Island. The temple was within walking distance from the more famous one of Tas-Silg.

The particular fragile geology of the coast on which the unfortunate temple was built has lead to a collapse of the cliff into the sea.

The first colonizers were probably of Sicilian origin, it is very likely that these people crossed the channel on a perillious trip across the channel. Today on very cold and crisp days it is still possible to see the shores of both Islands.

It is therefore very likely that they moved out of the bigger Island in search of new lands to colonise. The reason? We will never know.

Though it is very likely that people might have been forced to flee for a number of causes: overpopulation, famine or war.