Three hour visits for Kinderkarten, Early, Middle and Secondary school years
  • An experience of the site through which learners are engaged into the concept, principles, attitudes and values related to sustainable lifestyles aiming at the well-being of individuals, communities and the planet.
  • An outdoor learning opportunity where learning through play and through interactive activities shape the larger part of the event.
  • A holistic and cross-curricular approach to teaching and learning where activities transcend the boundaries between learning areas and subject content and topics.
  • Thematic events are offered and recommended for groups who already attended educational visits animated by the educator on site.
Arrangements for guided or animated visits are possible upon availability of human resources and according to the request, for 
  • higher age groups, non-local students and tourists during the scholastic /accademic days and hours
  • groups from the non-formal education sector during weekends
  • summer schools from the last week of July to first week of September